Tree of Life – Behind the symbol

The Tree of Life appears everywhere in our everyday life e.g. as a jewellery motif, in architecture or in the world of fashion. But the symbolism behind the seemingly simple tree is much deeper than you might think. We would like to explain the profound meaning of this symbol to you in more detail.

Tree Of Life- Magnetix jewellery


A symbol full of energy

Trees symbolises strength, wisdom and longevity. The tree of life stands for the eternal bond of all forms of life connected by the deep roots among all things. In many cultures it also stands for rebirth, fertility, love and the life cycle of nature from dying leaves in autumn and winter to birth in spring – and that across most religions and cultures!


YGGDRASIL – The Tree of Life

Whether in religion or ancient myths, Yggdrasil plays an important role. It connects heaven, earth and the underworld in the most famous legends. In Germanic myths the tree connects up to nine worlds with each other. The oldest version of the tree of life is mentioned for the first time in 2,500 BC. Even the Egyptians show the tree of life as the birthplace of the gods Isis and Osiris and the intersection between the world of the living and the afterworld. Since then this mythology has taken its place in numerous legends, cultures and religions, but one thing always remains the same: The meaning.

Tree Of Life- Magnetix jewellery


A Symbol for every situation in your life

Especially wedding couples, families and lovers use the tree of life to underline their deep connection with each other. Nature lovers use this symbolism to show their passion for mother nature. The Tree of Life is also the perfect gift for Mothers, because fertility and femininity are part of the deep meaning.

As powerful as a tree jewellery with the tree of life should give the owner strength and lead him/her through life. However, emblem can also be a symbol for a new beginning in life, be it a new partnership, the start of professional life or simply a new family member. With this symbol you always have the right gift for your loved ones.

Who carries a Tree of Life, carries therefore not only a magnetic piece of jewellery. You carry a piece of history with a wonderful, rooted symbolism of the world.

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