Why water is so important for us!


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Water – the source of all life. And everyone needs it to survive. Water is our most important essential. Additionally, it is cheap and has zero calories! Apart from food, water is necessary for our daily hygiene. Anyone who has experienced the water being turned off once knows what we are talking about. Water is omnipresent in our everyday life. On this World Water Day we would like to give you an understanding of our most important elixir of life.

Water is not only the source of our life, but also gets our body going. After all, the human body does not consist of 70% water for nothing.  Only those who take in enough liquid have enough fuel to maintain the natural metabolism. Therefore, two litres a day is the minimum you should consume. Even 2% fluid loss can lead to physical and mental limitations in the body such as concentration difficulties and circulatory problems.


5 simple tips to drink more water


  1. Place a glass of water next to your workplace. Our water stick in your glass, as a small highlight, will always remind you to drink a little.
  2. Vary what you drink. Drinking only water is boring in the long run. Adding a few slices of lemon, mint to your water or simply having unsweetened tea, makes drinking more fun!
  3. Always have a small water bottle with you! So that you always remember to drink even when you are out and about.
  4. Make drinking water into an experience! For example, with cool coasters, eye-catching water sticks or stylish reusable bottles.
  5. Drink two glasses of water immediately after getting up. This will get your body going in the morning and you would have replenished the fluids lost while sleeping.



Water keeps skin & hair looking young


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Water keeps skin & hair looking young

At birth, the water content of the body is 90%. With age, however, the body forgets to store water and the proportion continues to decrease. Through breathing and skin alone, the body loses almost half a litre of water per day! Water is also the basic building block of healthy skin cells. In other words: without water our skin becomes dry, rough and flaky. Hair also consists of just under a fifth of water and requires a sufficient supply of liquid. So, if you want smooth hair, you should start by drinking more water. Water also has an influence on various areas of our body such as joints, digestion, kidney functionality (keyword: water fasting) and our immune system.  Children, in particular, need more fluid than adults!