Yin and Yang – Opposites in balance

Yin and Yang – one of the oldest symbols in the history of mankind. But Yin and Yang is more than a symbol – it is the most important base of Chinese medicine and philosophy. This is why we would like to show you the significance of this cultural heritage.

Yin and Yang



The principle of Yin and Yang is mentioned for the first time in the Book of Changes from around 700 BC. If one translates the terms literally, then means:


Yin – the dark side of the mountain and

Yang – the bright side of the mountain.


But the meaning of the two terms goes far deeper than one might expect. While Yang is compared with all positive and bright elements, the symbolism of Yin finds its origin in all dark, passive elements. Like sun and moon, brightness and shadow or time and space. This flowing principe of light and shadow in the world is underlined by the representation of this symbol.


Often, these two opposing elements are represented seemingly separated and yet connected. The two parts are dependent to each other. In other words: one cannot be without the other.



The Yin-Yang principle is the base in Chinese medicine and is used to explain processes and structures in the human body. In order to achieve health and well-being, the energies of the body and its processes must be balanced. Too much or too little energy leads to an imbalance, which can have a negative effect on us. External factors such as heat, cold, wind, hygiene, mood changes etc. can strengthen or weaken the body and thus, according to the theory of Chinese medicine, cause or heal diseases.



  • Balanced nutrition for a healthy body
  • Enjoy your meals regularly & in peace
  • Yoga and meditation help you to bring mind and body into balance
  • Rest and relaxation are part of your day, as are tension and stress. Take regular rest periods
  • Feng Shui not only looks good, but also helps your environment to get into balance.

Balance & Well-being for your body

“A healthy mind lives in a healthy body” – this Latin proverb best describes the mode of action of Chinese medicine. This makes it all the more important for us humans to pay attention to our mental well-being. For example, treat yourself to a break every now and then and give your mind time to recover from the stress of everyday life. Wellness spheres with magnets or massages with the MAGNETIX massage magnet can help you to harmonize body and mind.


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