Spring fatigue – How to get fit for summer

Are you tired, even though the sun is shining outside and you slept more than eight hours? This is what happens to many people as soon as the warmer season begins. Between March and May the so-called spring fatigue is at its peak and affects young and old. We will show you how to awaken your body from winter sleep!


Spring fatigue – How to get fit for spring



Spring is here, the sun is shining, nature is awakening, only you are still in bed and just can’t get up? The reason for this is simple: biology. In winter, the human body gets used to the darkness and cold of the season. So it puts its own organism on low-flame. In spring it’s the other way around. Just like nature, our body must awaken from the rigidity of winter. Hormones and neurotransmitters play an important role in this part of the process.


Those affected are usually tired, exhausted and suffer from circulatory problems and exhaustion. Insomnia and inefficiency can also result from spring fatigue.




There is no fixed cure for spring fatigue. However, there are a few wellness tips that we don’t want to hide from you at this point.


   Water for more well-beingWater for more well-being
While the body requires less fluid in winter, the thirst increases again with rising temperatures. Have a glass of fresh water next to you in the office or at home. A glass with an eye-catching magnetic water stick reminds you to drink enough over the day. 2-3 litres a day are essential!


Fresh & light foodFresh & light food

In winter we like it warm and hearty. In view of the warm spring, this diet is unfortunately not the best to choose. Adjust your body to the new season with light food and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. The additional vitamin boost really gets your body in the right mood. Our tip: For fresh, energetic fruit, simply place our silicone underlay with magnets under the fruit basket.


Let’s catch some fresh airLet’s catch some fresh air

Those who spend the whole day in the office unfortunately do not see much of the sun during the day. But this is exactly what our body needs to do! Use your free time for extensive walks in the open air and discover spring in your neighbourhood. The sunlight and the oxygen will boost your circulation. For long walks with more well-being we recommend our MAGNETIX magnetic soles!


Contrast showers & massagesContrast showers & massages

You prefer splashing in water instead of going for a walk? We also have the right wellness tip for water enthusiasts against the tiredness of spring. Splashing around in the fresh water and taking extensive sauna baths have a similar effect to taking long walks in the fresh air. The most important thing is to do a lot of exercises and stimulate the organism through hot and cold influences. Relaxing massages can also be helpful and are the ideal end to a stressful working day.



Spring fatigue usually lasts between two and three weeks. Despite all methods and tips, it can happen that fatigue does not pass after two weeks, but remains for months. Especially persons with hay fever unfortunately suffer from continuing tiredness and discomfort in spring. When symptoms like tiredness ans sadness increase and become more intense, we can speak of the so-called spring depression. A spring depression is often the result between spring fatigue and psychological causes. If the tiredness does not want to end, we highly recommend professional help.

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