Wellness tips for Christmas

Only a few days till Christmas Eve. Time to activate panic mode, rush to the city centres and clean up everything before the family visits. In other words: pure stress. The Christmas holidays are the perfect time to relax and reflect. That’s why we focus on relaxation and present five simple tips to help you relax over the holidays.

Wellness for the holidays


Wellness tips for holidaysWhether running through city centres or spending the evening at the cold Christmas market, one way or the other – our feet will be glad to receive a little wellness treatment between the holidays. Especially since a footbath has a positive effect on the whole body – this was discovered by the well-known priest Sebastian Kneipp at the beginning of the 19th century! All you need is a small foot or plastic tub. Simply fill with hot water (36-39°C) and let your feet relax for a maximum of 20 minutes. Etheric additives or our silicone water magnets provide the additional wellness effect. Especially the frostbitten among us will appreciate the effect of warm foot baths.

Our tip: Wash your feet with cool water afterwards. This harmonizes the body and refreshes the immune system!



Instead of plunging into the shopping centres during the Christmas season, pay mother nature  a small visit. Put on your hiking boots with magnetic insoles and wool socks and off you go into the forest. Leave the hectic of everyday life behind you for a few hours and enjoy the fresh air, the stillness and discover the beauty of winter.  After a relaxing walk, slip into your cuddly magnetic boots with massage effect and let your evening end in peace.



Quickly send a message to your friends via Snapchat or a round of Candy Crush before you clean up your living room. But then the best friend sends a great video on YouTube, which needs to be watched quickly. The smartphone is fun, practical, but unfortunately also a real time killer. Concentrate on what counts over the holidays: You and your loved ones. The smartphone can also stay off for a few hours. Instead of Candy Crush, how about a card game with the family? Our recommendation: Set yourself a time frame in which the mobile phone is taboo.  Turn it off, pack it away and enjoy the time with your family.



Just take care of yourself and relax – not always easy. Not only our nerves, but also our skin suffers from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Treat your skin and spirit to some wellness, for example with an invigorating moisturizing mask, a warm care bath and a good book to come down. After the bath, a nice hot cup of tea and you can look forward to a more relaxed Christmas, don’t you think?Wellness tips moisturing mask



No time for excursions into nature and no bathtub far and wide? No problem. Then lie down on your bed or couch and give yourself time. Whether it’s reading your favorite book, browsing the latest series or just closing your eyes and doing a round of power napping. Just 20 minutes a day is usually enough to recharge your batteries over the holidays.


We wish you a quiet and reflective Christmas season and a happy new year!