MAGNETIX Success Story: Barbara Meuser

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Barbara has always been a passionate housewife and mother. At the age of 58 she discovered the benefits of network marketing and started to sell magnetic jewellery. Today she owns a small shop where she exclusively sells MAGNETIX Wellness products. And this is her story:


★ My start★

The magnetic jewellery was introduced to me in 2006 during the lunch break at a training course. All the women jumped at the magnetic bracelets, only I was not interested in them at all. Jewellery didn’t interest me at that time anyway and the effect of the magnets didn’t interest me at all. I find it very interesting how we sometimes react negatively to the unknown, although we still don’t know how the unknown can change our own lives.
If someone had told me then what my life would look like 12 years later, I would have bet my house and yard (as they say so nicely if something would never happen) that it would not look like it does today.


Five 5 months later someone lent me a magnetic bracelet while hiking. I felt good wearing it so I lent it to another two friends. They also loved it!


★ My recipe for success ★

Helping other people has always been the most important thing for me. Through one’s own positive experiences it is very easy to pass this on authentically.

Explaining the effect of magnets to others is totally simple. Every time customers come to my shop, at trade fairs or presentations, I can always get totally excited about our MAGNETIX Wellness products. And people notice that. So my MAGNETIX Wellness business has almost become a self-runner.


★ My success ★

Since 2010, I have been on almost all of the great incentive trips. But the most wonderful thing for me is still that over the years I have built up a great team with many valuable new people who have come into my life through MAGNETIX Wellness.
It’s great to see how the team partners have been able to change their lives so positively. I am very grateful for that.
Interesting fact: I categorically rejected team building at the beginning, because I actually only wanted to sell a little on the side. But as so often in life, things always turn out differently than you think.🌞


➚ My goals ➚

My biggest goal is that a lot of people will wear our magnetic jewellery and feel better with it. My motto is always “Every positive feedback from customers makes me happy and is like soul food for me”.
Like literally – I buy my daily bread from the money. 😊


Thank you Barbara Meuser for your amazing story.
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