MAGNETIX Success Story: Brigitte Ball

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I am Brigitte Ball, a mother of three and have worked in a hospital for 21 years. I then decided to work as a consultant for magnetic jewellery and wellness accessories for MAGNETIX Wellness


★ My start★

12 years ago I discovered MAGNETIX Wellness products at a Christmas market and was immediately fascinated by the originality of the magnetic jewellery. That was exactly during my parental leave. At that time I missed the contact with other people. Heidi, my sponsor, offered me not only to buy the magnetic jewellery, but also to sell it as a consultant. That was brilliant, as I quickly among people again!

Completely convinced of the effect and enthusiastic, I had to share this “wonderful novelty” with my family, friends and colleagues.



★ My recipe for success ★

1. Magnetic jewellery parties:
I learned Very quickly to appreciate the communal feeling at the parties and the friendly relationship with the hosts and customers. Some of them have become true friends for life. Among them are unique people whom I would never have met without our wonderful products.

2. Loyalty to our guests:
We must build loyalty to the guests by thanking them for their trust and support. Because satisfied customers are ultimately the key to our success.

3. Discipline and organization:
It is important to mention that the profession of being a consultant requires a lot of discipline and consistency. Through structure and organisation we can allow ourselves to work in a good mood and with a smile. In this way we use our energy efficiently and manage to combine leisure and work successfully. With the time gained, we can concentrate on our children and accompany them to various activities, while we also find time to devote to our own leisure desires. This was difficult with my previous job in the hospital because I had to work a lot on weekends, holidays and night shifts. My family often complained that I was never there for you. Fortunately that’s much better now!

4. Talking to and listening to people:
I spoke to everyone I met about our products. It is so easy to place our product in a conversation. I always give the people my contact details, which are on my flyers or catalogues and which I always have in my pocket. And it works. Almost all of them report back to me!

5. Further bookings:
Always remind your customers after your magnetic jewellery party that new parties can be booked. And ask again and again whether there are those interested who would like to become consultants.


★ My success ★

I have created another lucrative source of income with the development of my team. I was able to travel a lot with our 3 children. Family trips with 5 persons are much more expensive than with 4 persons.

In the beginning I was still self-employed, but today I have my own company with my husband and our son. We even have our own offices and a shop to present our great products. And we are a dynamic team of which I am very proud and to whom I would like to thank.


➚ My goals ➚

We also want to be active in the remote regions of France and promote our business there. Our goal is to expand beyond our borders.

MAGNETIX Wellness, with its ever new innovative products, is a great adventure. For us it is a real turning point in our lives.


Thank you Brigitte Ball for your amazing story.
Are you thinking to join our MAGNETIX crew? Do not hesitate and become a consultant now!

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