MAGNETIX Success Story: Maria Klamminger

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I am a trained cook and the mother of three adult daughters. My place of residence is 25 km from the provincial capital Graz/Steiermark, Austria and from there I race from one party to another.


★ My start★

Through a magnetic bracelet of my aunt I became aware of the magnetic jewellery from MAGNETIX Wellness. She told me about the great effect of the magnetic jewellery and so I became curious and wanted to know more about the effect of the magnets. My aunt gave me a MAGNETIX Wellness catalogue and so I booked a magnetic jewellery party with my current sponsor, Ingrid Harrer.
At that time I was a cook and had back pain all the time and although I was only free of complaints after wearing the magnetic jewellery for three weeks, I was enthusiastic about MAGNETIX Wellness products right from the start.
Since one of my daughters was in boarding school in 2013, I thought, as a single mother, that with one or two magnetic jewellery parties a month I could use a financial vitamin injection.😃
So I finally became a consultant myself and started my own business in 2014. Due to my noticeable enthusiasm for MAGNETIX products, the business developed so well that there was no time left for my job as a cook.


★ My recipe for success ★

With my enthusiasm, I have infected others to start selling magnetic jewellery. Because you can do something good for your body and earn some money. Thus I have successfully built up a small team.
But my biggest strength is the magnetic jewellery party. I hold about three to four parties a week and when I have an exhibition, my children support and help me with it.


★ My success ★

Due to my commitment and the many magnetic jewellery parties that I hold every week, I have of course always been an integral part of the last incentive trips. Of course, I also managed to make the trip for two people, which always benefits my daughters, because then one person can go with me every time. Without MAGNETIX Wellness we would not have been able to travel and experience Bangkok, Crete, Mallorca, Marbella and now also Cuba.
With my earnings I was also able to buy a new car and now we lead a happy and enjoyable life.


➚ My goals & wishes ➚

I have set myself the goal of expanding my team so that I can motivate even more people and inspire them with magnetic jewellery.
Furthermore, I want to continue to be part of all the incentive trips.

Finally, I’d like to say:

“If you don’t try it, you’ll never know if you would have made it in the end.”

And if all this were not beautiful enough already. MAGNETIX Wellness has also enabled me to make many friends with customers as well as with many other consultants.

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